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Painless, Accurate, Noninvasive Way to Assess Liver Health

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DC GASTRO KONSULT, a leader in healthcare management, now offers FibroScan® to assess liver health and support early detection and management of liver disease.

Liver disease, such as nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), is associated with obesity, insulin resistance, diabetes and other metabolic risk factors.

Maintaining good liver health is important to your overall health. That’s why physicians at DC GASTRO KONSULT use FDA-approved FibroScan®:

  • Quick: takes just 10-minutes
  • Noninvasive and painless

How it works

For more information about FibroScan® at DC GASTRO KONSULT
please contact 915-701-2495

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The recent corona-virus pandemic has impacted the way medicine is practiced. We at DC Gastro Konsult are well aware of the risks posed by face-to-face patient-doctor visits and as such have instituted measures at our practice to abide by the recommendations of public health officials and also keep our patients and staff safe.

Since it is critically important that patients continue to have unfettered access to their doctors, we have incorporated a patient friendly Telemedicine/Telehealth service, that allows direct, virtual contact with your doctor.

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